Let’s Get it Started!


So, it’s our first workday and I still have questions to resolve. More than just this material as a metal object what am I doing here?! I almost feel like I’m answering lives big question. What are we really doing here? As I look around my classroom I feel like many people are asking themselves the same big question. Ah… gotta love workdays in a cool studio. 😀

So, If I were to not only use found keys of all sorts but to instead select a key specific to me, my story, my culture, and to create a representation of that more than just screens what would I use? What would it look like? Hmmm…

Much like when I came up with this idea, my keys are in close proximity to me on my sketchpad, near my pen, laying spread out and tired like they’ve been around the world. A beautiful composition they make on the crisp white page. One boxing glove key chain, My Car key, a Flur d’ leaf key, my house key, my Michigan key, a random key that I’m not sure what it goes to now, and some store cards. My keys are nothing like my parents keys, I have no idea how they remember what they all go to but my keys still pack some weight.

Oh keys, tell me what to do!


Wait, my keys have been around the world. My keys have traveled on four continents. From my travels in North American, South American, Europe, and Africa. I have some pretty well traveled keys. But what does that mean in the larger scheme of things… It almost make me think what memories do my keys have?

I wish they could answer.

Well that’s it for now. Till next time back to the drawing board.

All good things be yours!



A Jinggaling Baby, go head Baby!

As I pondered on what material to use for my project I recognized that the perfect material was in my hand. I’d been fiddling with my keys the whole time that I was walking, swinging the keys around my index finger. While I drove, listening to the sound of the keys hit my right knee every time I shifted gears. When I locked the doors of my car went back to swinging them on my finger until as I unlocked the door of my home in Detroit, like an epiphany. I walked through the door and realized; keys.

So I my initial thoughts included making screens with an array of keys. I thought that was a conventional material being used in an unconventional way. Especially seeing as you use keys to break down varies, to get to the other side of the door or wall and her I would be using the very thing that makes that possible to stop you from gaining entry. This also made me consider making not only screens but cages or doors as well.

I began to think of the denotative properties of keys. Normally keys are used to open doors, grant access, they are brass, steel, silver, gold, grey, metal objects all individually cut to match a lock of some sort. They are not edible, while some have unfortunately swallowed a key or two. They are hard and durable or soft, colorful, and playful Fisher-Price style. Keys are cool to the touch unless heated by some warming agent.

Then I went on to the connotative properties of keys. Keys let people in, they are mechanical, functional, keys offer friendship, they take you places, open doors and opportunities, they also could refer to being locked up or imprisoned. Keys are a sign of authority and status.

Our class discussion offered feedback of my initial thoughts and has propelled me to dig deeper and learn more of the cultural relationships of keys and screens. The class discussion left me with some questions to consider, could my keys also be used metaphorically  “the key to de-stressing” for instance and What does it mean to have more than just one key? These questions and more are to be considered in designing and researching for this assignment.

As always have a beautiful day, let none take your joy away and, stay tuned.




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