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Let’s Get it Started!


So, it’s our first workday and I still have questions to resolve. More than just this material as a metal object what am I doing here?! I almost feel like I’m answering lives big question. What are we really doing here? As I look around my classroom I feel like many people are asking themselves the same big question. Ah… gotta love workdays in a cool studio. 😀

So, If I were to not only use found keys of all sorts but to instead select a key specific to me, my story, my culture, and to create a representation of that more than just screens what would I use? What would it look like? Hmmm…

Much like when I came up with this idea, my keys are in close proximity to me on my sketchpad, near my pen, laying spread out and tired like they’ve been around the world. A beautiful composition they make on the crisp white page. One boxing glove key chain, My Car key, a Flur d’ leaf key, my house key, my Michigan key, a random key that I’m not sure what it goes to now, and some store cards. My keys are nothing like my parents keys, I have no idea how they remember what they all go to but my keys still pack some weight.

Oh keys, tell me what to do!


Wait, my keys have been around the world. My keys have traveled on four continents. From my travels in North American, South American, Europe, and Africa. I have some pretty well traveled keys. But what does that mean in the larger scheme of things… It almost make me think what memories do my keys have?

I wish they could answer.

Well that’s it for now. Till next time back to the drawing board.

All good things be yours!



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3 responses to “Let’s Get it Started!

  1. madelynetzcorn ⋅

    Why do we even have keys? What is a key without a lock and how does that change the meaning of the key. Does the key adopt a new purpose once you have detached it from it’s lock? You said that you have forgotten what lock one of your keys goes to. That struck me as interesting because it’s like an outcast key that has lost it’s job and doesn’t have a new one. Could you reassign a purpose to that key? How are keys unique?

    Outside of the key, your key chain was very interesting in that it, in a way, gives clues to your interests and culture (Michigan, Flur d’ Leaf, boxing glove, store tags) How do people use keys and key chains, as a collective, to say something about themselves? Could collaging keys be used as a combined form to represent something? How does the relationship between the key and the location of the lock effect the story of that one key?

  2. I think would be interesting to go with the idea of the memory that a key holds and use the form of the key to communicate that somehow. To somehow, from a chain of keys, portray all the places a person has lived would be a very cool thing. I am not exactly sure what the form would be, but a series with different keys would be a nice concept.

  3. Ida Fey ⋅

    As I said earlier, I think you should highly consider the idea that just as a key is meant to open things, it is also capable of closing others. For every door closed, there is another opened; but doesn’t that apply in the opposite direction as well? Consider experiences you’ve had which make these ideas tangible, and work with it conceptually.

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