Numero dos

Hola World!

So for my second project I’m interested in doing some bronze casting. Inspired by the sculpture by Zenos Frudakis “Freedom” and Rodin. I would love  to explore and produce a small bronze casting related to hope. 

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I’m thinking of using computer programs such as photoshop and maya to do a digital design and then using the  the 3d rendering machines in the Dude to make my make a small model followed by  a mold and then the actual cast. If in fact there is not enough time to do the bronze casting I would like to  to the 3d rendering in the 3-D studio of the Duderstat.

I”m in the process of sketching and thinking of the designs as well as the location. I would like it to live somewhere on central campus maybe in the quad of east quad, or along the b-school campus. Or maybe even island drive park. I want it somewhere visible but also surprising. So I’m scoping out places around campus.



[P.S. apologies if you were looking for my post, I thought I pressed publish and it simply saved as a draft]


The Process

Hello World!

It’s me, Lauren. 😀 So I’m here to share with you a bit of my process in tackling this first project.

i began by searching for abandoned keys around my home and asking people for keys that they don’t use or know what they belong to. That didn’t go so well. While many could not put a lock to the key they were afraid of someone else finding what it opened so on to my plan b of talking with key shops about my project and seeing if they would give me the broken, abused, wrong, and abandoned keys they had.

Success! Volgel’s Key shop (an awesome group of people and a local business) Helped me out. They set me up with over 60 keys for my project.

Then I got down to checkin the keys out, what kinds of keys were in this goodie bag of mine? I noticed the different styles of keys some broken and some worn I decided to go off of that and brake more keys sand more keys down, twist them and abouse them like I’d felt through this journey of mine.

I wanted the keys to be some glued down some loose but none fitting the lock to the door of the house structure where the key lies  behind glass dangling yet unattainable.


I used cardboard as the base. I wish I’d covered it or used a different material even though ideally this would be and installation on public display. I used a metal and glass lantern for the house I think it worked seeing as it has a shape similar to a hours and the key is visible from all angles.

I think it would have helped if I not only had more time to do a full installation as I would have liked but to make the scale larger as my original design was to truly convey what I wanted to without it seaming iconic and cheesy.

I would like to re-visit this project to push my concept further.