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Numero dos

Hola World!

So for my second project I’m interested in doing some bronze casting. Inspired by the sculpture by Zenos Frudakis “Freedom” and Rodin. I would love  to explore and produce a small bronze casting related to hope. 

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I’m thinking of using computer programs such as photoshop and maya to do a digital design and then using the  the 3d rendering machines in the Dude to make my make a small model followed by  a mold and then the actual cast. If in fact there is not enough time to do the bronze casting I would like to  to the 3d rendering in the 3-D studio of the Duderstat.

I”m in the process of sketching and thinking of the designs as well as the location. I would like it to live somewhere on central campus maybe in the quad of east quad, or along the b-school campus. Or maybe even island drive park. I want it somewhere visible but also surprising. So I’m scoping out places around campus.



[P.S. apologies if you were looking for my post, I thought I pressed publish and it simply saved as a draft]


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Sr. Art and Design Student exploring culture & nature as it relates to Art :D

2 responses to “Numero dos

  1. Alice McCarthy ⋅

    Perhaps you could elaborate on how your planned project relates to the writings of Rodin or Frudakis, and how this brought you to the concept of hope, because as per the assignment I think it would be really interesting to see where bronze casting could take you if you were following another artist’s manifesto.

  2. Jean Lee ⋅

    I think you’re off to a great start. I like how you’re using several different media to experiment before you do the actually casting. In terms of picking out a location for your piece to live seems to be somewhat challenging. I think you have to find a place where there isn’t a lot of distractions so that you’re piece is noticeable. I’m excited to see more! keep up the good work!

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