Final Proyecto

For this final project I would like to revist my most recent project involveing my grandmother, her stories, and lessons learned both by my grandmother and by me from my grandmother. I’m thinking that my target audience is a combination of my family as well as the minority communities I represent. This will be somewhat of a more focused and personal project comprised a series of three larger baskets using techniques taught to me by my grandmother and aunts. I also want to record stories from my aunts and grandmother, uncles and father. These piece will be more of and installation than a just 3 baskets to be viewed. This installation will consist of pictures of my process as well to accompany the stories that the view is hearing. That’s just a quick update on the plan. I’m off to collect materials for my baskets 😀


Thoughts …

So I’m torn between doing a moquette of what would be the bronze casting that i would like to install at some point and doing a tribute painting to my grandmother of how she has aught and carried the tradition of our people to myself, my siblings, cosign, nieces and nephews. I’m not really enjoying this bloggin because it only makes me more anxious about what I have yet to resolve. For now I’m thinking I will do the painting of my grandmother. Sketches coming soon.