Next Steps


Write up a plan of action for a series of work expanding upon the connections you made within the first  project. The minimum number of pieces for this assignment is Three. Be specific in your plan of action. Include any and all details relevant to the series of work (CFC). Make sure this plan addresses the strengths and weaknesses of the first project.

For my series project I hope to continue along with the concept of a cross to bear and how normal people doing good things in the world can effect that (urban angels if you will). With this idea I have begun taking a series of photos of myself and others around the the city of Detroit. I began looking into biblical things that occur in 3’s.

3 is the number of completion.

I came across Triptychs.

A triptych is:

  1. A picture or relief carving on three panels, typically hinged together vertically and used as an altarpiece.
  2. A set of three associated artistic, literary, or musical works intended to be appreciated together.

I thought this was the perfect way to continue my series in 3 form focusing more this time on a 2-D work through photography. I also wanted to possibly make a series of Triptychs (possibly in wood, possibly framed) to be used or placed on a mantle. Below I’ve included some images of triptychs.

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Project 1: Le CFC

So this project was a huge challenge for me!

Never before have I been given such disconnected things to make a piece of art from. Needless to say through the struggle I was able to generate a piece that I am actually really proud of especially considering the CFC I drew from the hat. My Hat! Oh Hat how you dun me in!


Replicates a famous scene/excerpt from the bible, the artist references real life figures and textures, to create a realistic replica of this scene. From the veins of the mans hands to the folds of the women’s clothing the artist successfully brings to life the biblical tale he was commissioned to tell


2-Dimensional, rectangular piece, it is printed in multiple colors son a white background. There are many lines on it, either running horizontally, vertically, or on a 45degree angle. Each contour is very geometric, organized and evenly spaced


The portrait is of the artist wife. Made in France in 1905

This is what I made:

1.    Every Person Has A Cross To Bear

The Biblical scene is the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. 

The Cross is lying on its side.  The horizontal piece called the patibulum where His hands were nailed has a representation of the creation of woman.

  • The veined Arm of God creates woman to bring His Son into the world to bear the cross of crucifixion to redeem us from sins and give us new life in His Resurrection   But His death, His sacrifice, is the cross His mother must bear
  • The Pieta by French painter, William Bouguereau, 1825-1905, (pronounced Boo guh row) depicts Mary holding her dead Son after He is taken off the cross
  • The folds of her clothing wrap the arm that holds Him. The garment connects Him to her and mankind
  • The black cloth @ the neck of the cross represents the crown of thorns, pain, mourning, death on the cross which took His life
  • The white portion of the cloth represents God’s purity and man’s salvation, and the unconditional love of God and a mother.
  • Yellow represents the holiness of the Son and mother and strength in the color of light and gold.
  • The black and gray at the base represent mourning, acceptance of the grief, the loss, and the hope to go forward living the example of Jesus’ life

1) How did you fill in the gaps? What did you provide the project that was not in the CFC seed you were given?

Well from my concept I gathered that it was the pieta and because of this I chose to do something that encompassed a cross or crucifixion. Originally I had done a pen and ink drawing of Jesus on the Cross strictly made of various lines that all at 45 degree angles. However it didn’t really do it for me and I didn’t feel like it was as creative as I could be so I went at it form a different perspective really considering all elements and being inspired by The Sistine Chapel and the images of creation (this was my 2-d element as well as the photo series documentation I’ve been doing with my cross). I planted a new seed of my own.

2) Where were the gaps? Were gaps found in the content, form, or context?

The gaps could be found in the Concept and the context. The form was pretty straight forward, in terms of why the form is but at the same time I had no idea what this particular piece of artwork looked like. The concept, I had no idea what the biblical depiction was that it was referring to when I first read it. The bible is a huge book filled with stories that many artist have chosen to depict in one medium or another so this left some wiggle room. The Context was a complete shot in the dark until I began to do some google searching for artist that possibly painted their wives. Sheesh! I assumed this may be  Monet as he painted his wife in many of his paintings.  So that’s where my main gaps were. 

3) How did the project Succeed? How did it fail?

Frankly, the project was success at completely throwing me off my pain and simple game. Lol in a seriousness. This project really challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and play with the possibilities that could spring from three other peoples favorite piece of artwork. I also think the project was a success in that I encompassed the various elements of the CFC to the best of my ability. I think I pushed it a bit by going more 3-D than I did 2-D however I still did encompass 2-Demensional elements in the drawing of God’s hand creating the hand of the woman and the multiple colors through the 3 different stains I used.

4) What was missing?

Its hard to say what was missing besides crucial details that would have made starting a project like this much easier however I think the only things really missing from this was me being able to be present at the critique I really wish I could of been present with the rest of the class to present however being sick is the pits and unfortunately I on severe bed rest.



My little seedlings!

So my plants have begun to grow these pictures were taken on 1/10 at the beginning of class when Matt brought our babies out for us to see.

This is pretty cool to see our plants come to life like this. I have two pods that i marked I and II and both of them have two little baby plants a growing. I’m not very good at sketching so I’ll mostly document my plants through images.

When we first got our babies from Matt we were told to document all that were in there and we  were asked to select just one of our plants to let live in this small containment unit by itself. i had about 8 or 9 plants in my two little spaces and i knew that would be way too crowded for any to survive unless i were to replant them somewhere else. So I started picking them out based on whether or not i felt they were interesting/ the character that they possessed. However,  I just couldn’t’ see them all go.  I made my way down to two in each unit and then it got more difficult. They’re all like fraternal twins and I just felt like they would be lonely without their homie so, I saved my twin babies. 😀 and they are happy as could be 😀 tee hee!


In I: I have two plants. One with a variegated stem and a little larger just around a centimeter in height and the other is largely ur basic earthly green with a slight lighter color along the outside of the leafs, its also slightly  smaller in stature. Both have 2 leaves on them and one of the leaves feels a little furryish. 🙂

In II:  I have two very different yet beautiful plants. One that is very dark and rich in colors and one that is so pure and light a green its adorable. Both of those plants are a little larger in size. a few centimeters and they have the slightest little third left trying to push through the center of the two larger leafs.


When we were told that we were gonna have a Cage fight I honestly thought to myself “he’s lost it” Ain’t  no way i’m getting in a cage and fighting someone.

Well previous warm up (6 degrees separation from bacon) was leading us to this assignment.

I struggled with finding John Cage for a while because I wasn’t actually thinking about who his possible inspirations were I was just playing by luck and chance at first. So I went merrily a selecting various names that i knew and hopping that Cage would pop up. Well after doing that for most of the period I decided to actually think a little on who John Cage was and his possible influences and so i refreshed my computer and began again. Selecting Emerson (a name I knew) and then when a bunch of names popped up i got a little worried and then I saw Einstein and was like hey I know that name and who isn’t inspired by that genius and bam! There he was John Cage.

Looking at the people that directly fall off of his name I realized that I was actually close to him a couple of times and should of just slowed down and worked this out differently. Ah well! my first cage fight is now over.