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When we were told that we were gonna have a Cage fight I honestly thought to myself “he’s lost it” Ain’t  no way i’m getting in a cage and fighting someone.

Well previous warm up (6 degrees separation from bacon) was leading us to this assignment.

I struggled with finding John Cage for a while because I wasn’t actually thinking about who his possible inspirations were I was just playing by luck and chance at first. So I went merrily a selecting various names that i knew and hopping that Cage would pop up. Well after doing that for most of the period I decided to actually think a little on who John Cage was and his possible influences and so i refreshed my computer and began again. Selecting Emerson (a name I knew) and then when a bunch of names popped up i got a little worried and then I saw Einstein and was like hey I know that name and who isn’t inspired by that genius and bam! There he was John Cage.

Looking at the people that directly fall off of his name I realized that I was actually close to him a couple of times and should of just slowed down and worked this out differently. Ah well! my first cage fight is now over.


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