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My little seedlings!

So my plants have begun to grow these pictures were taken on 1/10 at the beginning of class when Matt brought our babies out for us to see.

This is pretty cool to see our plants come to life like this. I have two pods that i marked I and II and both of them have two little baby plants a growing. I’m not very good at sketching so I’ll mostly document my plants through images.

When we first got our babies from Matt we were told to document all that were in there and we  were asked to select just one of our plants to let live in this small containment unit by itself. i had about 8 or 9 plants in my two little spaces and i knew that would be way too crowded for any to survive unless i were to replant them somewhere else. So I started picking them out based on whether or not i felt they were interesting/ the character that they possessed. However,  I just couldn’t’ see them all go.  I made my way down to two in each unit and then it got more difficult. They’re all like fraternal twins and I just felt like they would be lonely without their homie so, I saved my twin babies. 😀 and they are happy as could be 😀 tee hee!


In I: I have two plants. One with a variegated stem and a little larger just around a centimeter in height and the other is largely ur basic earthly green with a slight lighter color along the outside of the leafs, its also slightly  smaller in stature. Both have 2 leaves on them and one of the leaves feels a little furryish. 🙂

In II:  I have two very different yet beautiful plants. One that is very dark and rich in colors and one that is so pure and light a green its adorable. Both of those plants are a little larger in size. a few centimeters and they have the slightest little third left trying to push through the center of the two larger leafs.


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