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2nd Generation plant updates

So I have been watering my plants on a consistent basis and i’ve have them in a pie tin because the water drains thru and was getting my carpet all wet so yea. Through the week of the 19-25th bout four little plants were there and they are steady growing up. Because there is way more space in my basket than there was in our little in class pods i let them all continue to grow where they were. I was worried about a couple of them due to the fact that they seemed to be growing on top of one another. They are looking pretty good thus far.Well kinda, I’m not sure with some of them. I hope they live, I can’t stand to think of things dying right now. They certainly are not growing as fast as they were in class under a constant light but they get nearly 13-15 hours of sun. Sometimes complete and sometimes partial. on rainy day I would leave on my fluorescent light in my room.


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