So guess how I spent part of the Thursday.

So I got really sick and when i was getting checked out (they had to put me on an i.v. bc i was severely dehydrated.) and asked what might be causing it, they went thru a slew of questions, asked about plants, I got asked about mold in my apartment.

So i checked out my plant when i got home.

Little did i realize I had mold growing on my plant inclosure. interesting pics to share today.


My plants still look pretty good though.


Plant updates and whatnot

Peep my 3rd gen plantalones just a growing. I wonder if we are going to harvest these seeds as well. i bet these seeds would be juicy unlike my first round that were kinda small and I didn’t expect them to sprout at all.


Check out these bad boys!

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I also find it pretty interesting that one side is growing thicker that it is tall unlike the other that is super tall and doing really well. I think both are pretty awesome but I am interested to know more of why all of these plants and seeds that are supposed to be like the same plant and even ones of mine that look like they should be the same breed, and yet they are all so very different.

More planty planty planty

My 3rd gen plants are super grow like awesome regardless of how many are in there they are really growing. They have shot up in size and they also have pods growing already. Pretty flowers and loads of colors!


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Images from 3-15-12

Side note; They days haven’t gotten easier since you left. I honestly struggle to focus on the simplest of things because you are constantly on my mind. I love you sis and miss you way too much. I wonder when this will get easier.

[update] 3/12-3-17: I reallydont understand why my at home plants aren’t growing? this is such a bummer.


I saw the turkey again and i have some updates of the 3 gen plant 😀

Chigadee-check the pics!

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my at home 2-gen plants have made no change form 3/6-3/12

more updates

So my plants are not making any progress they are still growing right where they were and  left them under the care of my roommates for a couple days(2/27-3-4). They said that they watered it and it would run through to the tin pan and that it never seemed dry or thirsty or anything so they assumed all was well. It stayed in the front room near the patio as opposed to in my room because they both said they would forget it if it were in my room. So it got moved for a few days to a different area less illuminated due to the tress outside of our patio window.

So Spring Break

Spring break and homework. Fun…. Sike. I feel awful.

So my plants are falling over and maybe i’m watering too much because it appears as if my dirt is washing away. The tin that it resides in is a bit discolored and the plants don’t seem to be growing much anymore but they don’t look thirsty either so idk what to do about that?!

I don’t think attaching my plants to a toothpick or anything would help them to stand happily. I’m considering switching the light source.

Meanwhile, I’m getting sicker and frankly i can’t afford to keep getting sick and what not. I’m still getting over the loss of my sister. I can’t believe she’s gone and it’s extremely hard to get out of bed or focus on anything at this point in life! I just don’t understand why this had to happen. She was 28. What does this mean about the rest of us.