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So Spring Break

Spring break and homework. Fun…. Sike. I feel awful.

So my plants are falling over and maybe i’m watering too much because it appears as if my dirt is washing away. The tin that it resides in is a bit discolored and the plants don’t seem to be growing much anymore but they don’t look thirsty either so idk what to do about that?!

I don’t think attaching my plants to a toothpick or anything would help them to stand happily. I’m considering switching the light source.

Meanwhile, I’m getting sicker and frankly i can’t afford to keep getting sick and what not. I’m still getting over the loss of my sister. I can’t believe she’s gone and it’s extremely hard to get out of bed or focus on anything at this point in life! I just don’t understand why this had to happen. She was 28. What does this mean about the rest of us.



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