Artist Statement!

CFC III: has been a world wind of a class with a few intertwining themes to discover throughout eh journey of doing. With a subheading of nature i was expecting a bit more to do with surface level nature. Basically more of an emphasis on nature. While we war planting and taking care of plants, we war reading brave new world along with our CFC projects.

For our first project we randomly selected a concept, form, and context from 3 different pieces of artwork that my classmates wrote on their favorite pieces of artwork. I pulled a biblical depiction, 2-demensional on multiple colors at 45 degrees angle, and the artist wife in fracne in 1905. From these I made a cross with the hands of creation symbolizing everyones symbolic cross to bear. I n some ways the Sistine Chapel drawings of Michealanggelo which I drew inspiration from and making a 3-d work related to Michealangelo one of my inspirations as well as the many 3-d artist who inspire my work.

Around the time of our planting a second generation of plants we were told to consider and think of the cross-connections between the plants, Brave New World, and our personal projects. Well at first when I heard this I thought to myself, “That is crazy, this is the most far out/abstract thinking class i’ve ever had!” But honestly thinking about it a little more brave new world is all about a controlled society and in many ways we planted our plants and have manipulated the environment to control their growth. We manipulated the environment of our professors office with technological stimuli, the lights, and climate control. We also had our professor to monitor them and make sure they were well hydrated since they were kept in his office. Our second generation was for us to cultivate at home, changing the environment but still expected to control the environment and watch what happens. We also used the seeds of the first generation for the second generation. Which in many ways made me again consider the ways in which these things over lap. We used other inspiration (seeds from their trees) to inspire our projects or the ‘next generation’ of the art piece. Thus showing and drawing connections between assignments.] This also led us to the work of our series assignment.

For my series assignment I actually did two different ones and the one i’d first began  working on around the ideas of a cross to bear and urban angels is the one that I went with. I did a photo series/triptych of images showing a homeless woman carrying her burden/her cross, in what seems like hopeless and bleak conditions when an urban angel in the form of a child carrying a bottle of water offers her the water. While this may not change her circumstances it does bring light to her life. to help her carry on with less of a cloud surrounding her life.

Brave New World relates to my work through the interworking societal beliefs. The people of BNW are bread to live a certain life, to remain in a certain class and believe in certain ideals. The entire concept of my project revolved around the spiritual and religious beliefs of a culture of people around the world. In BNW the people, minus the natives, were not raised to be religious or even to show much emotion and those that do are outcast or lost and confused. When most Christian people are at a crossroads they consult God, or their chosen deity for guidance and support. They share with him, tide to him, ask him for help and spiritual clarity. They fast form food, sex, alcohol, etc. in the name of God to wait for answers to calm their spirits and give peace to their minds. BNW, they are not bread to believe in God only really technology. when they are in need of peace they get high and basically have orgys where they don’t spare any desire. They go for it all.In my series works I believe the young man took a moment s he was walking past with his friends that seemed to be coming from playing basketball, What would Jesus do? and He gave his bottle of water to the homeless woman as if he were her very own angel sent to ease her strife for but a moment.

My work this semester was greatly influenced by the artist of my tree. The artist that I drew the most inspiration from were local artist Warren Hollier, Lana Hardin, Carl Hollier and more well known artist, Zenos Frudakis, Manet, Monet, and Michelangelo. There are plenty more things that I drew inspiration form this semester however that were not listed on my tree, such as the lost of my sister and friend Kristen, the bible, random inspirational quotes and pictures found on the internet, sent to me by friends, or kind words said in passing from someone who may not have even realized that they in a way helped me  to keep moving and pressing forward towards the goal because those loved ones of mine that have passed would like to see me finish. So through it all I carry my cross and I continue to press on.


Final Proyecto!

 For my final piece I made a Triptych  following along with my Everyone Has A Cross To Bear initial project. The following is a description of the piece. 


Homeless person

  • She carries her bag on her back. Her bag represents the stipes (pronounced sty’peez), the vertical portion of the cross. 
  • She is walking into our lives.


The first large picture is in brown sepia tone- represents her earthly burden of homelessness

The homeless person seems w/o shelter, family, she accepts the gift fro the boy and continues on carrying her burden with hope.

The second large picture is in full color representing contact with a young person who gives her a bottle of water, which represents life and hope in the future.

  • This picture is in the center of her life temporarily and it brightens her life.

The third picture is small it shows her leaving carrying her cross, her burden, in her world in color in all of nature’s beautiful colors.

  • She is disappearing out of our lives.
This is one of two versions of Triptychs I made however my final version.