Final Proyecto!

 For my final piece I made a Triptych  following along with my Everyone Has A Cross To Bear initial project. The following is a description of the piece. 


Homeless person

  • She carries her bag on her back. Her bag represents the stipes (pronounced sty’peez), the vertical portion of the cross. 
  • She is walking into our lives.


The first large picture is in brown sepia tone- represents her earthly burden of homelessness

The homeless person seems w/o shelter, family, she accepts the gift fro the boy and continues on carrying her burden with hope.

The second large picture is in full color representing contact with a young person who gives her a bottle of water, which represents life and hope in the future.

  • This picture is in the center of her life temporarily and it brightens her life.

The third picture is small it shows her leaving carrying her cross, her burden, in her world in color in all of nature’s beautiful colors.

  • She is disappearing out of our lives.
This is one of two versions of Triptychs I made however my final version.