I’m so lost

I cannot believe she’s gone. Yesterday I watched the doctors take my sister off of life support in U of M’s intensive care unit. Words cannot express how meaningless everything else seems now. I don’t know how i’m going to keep going.

Why, why , why…


In progress update

So this series project is quite a trip. I’ve been continuing to take pictures as well as gather other found and collected objects and things that i believe follow along with what i’m interested in doing. I’ve also begun the preliminary work on some wooden Triptychs. I’ve attached some images below.

Plant Terrarium

So as I was saying a while ago about my interest in using  a basket I’m thinking of this one for my plant enclosure and I’m also thinking of using natural light. All my plants at home grow well in natural light why not these?

This is pretty much a catch up post. Of my original image of a basket. The plants are in there home and they are pushing thru. They get a decent amount of sunlight as i have great sun exposure on my side of the apartment. They are still really small and its cool to see them this small considering we didn’t’ get to see ours this small ya know?

Fibonacci Numeros

today was an interesting class. We learned about fibonacci numbers, watched some interesting video and a were asked to bring in obscure fruit to do some fibonacci work of our own.

Check out these images from class:

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Random side note. So I was running late for class today and just so happened to spot a TURKEY!!!!!




Pep the Winged spirit:

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Oh little planties!

So a lot has been happening with these little boys, well…. not really. lol they are just a growing and what not. ya know?!

I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to put my second generation in and I’ve been thinking maybe a basket.


However before we get to that. Today is a sad day. While it is V-day and its’ supposed to be all lovey dovey we are harvesting our plants for they’re seeds and I”m going to miss my plant. I’ve actually decided to press it within the pages of my sketchbook/plant log as a momento. I’ve also considered replanting it at home.

any who here are images of my plant before I said a due.

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Pods I & II

My babies are so big now!!!!!! They have quite a few pods but they still don’t’ seem to be ready. I’m going to prune the flowers in hopes that things will grow! I placed a piece of paper between Tiffany nd I’s plants because they both are so big and stuff now that it use seems to blend together otherwise.

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Plant updates

So I’m still waiting for my plants pods to grow more so that I can harvest them for the second generation. Here are some images of my plants to date.

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these flowers are way prettier Love em!!!! and look at my little seeds! YAY!

My Babies are trying to have babies!!!!

Holy Moly Batman! Well the little plants have been a growing and growing and man I swear it’s like that grow light is steroids for these little plants.

I’ve included some images of my plants and Tiffany’s which have some super seeds.

My plants still aren’t’ as large and the seed pods not quite as big as hers but I’m still glad that I kept both in each of the containers. I am a little jealous of people with pretty flowers. Mine have a few but they are mostly yellow and not really big.

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Next Steps


Write up a plan of action for a series of work expanding upon the connections you made within the first  project. The minimum number of pieces for this assignment is Three. Be specific in your plan of action. Include any and all details relevant to the series of work (CFC). Make sure this plan addresses the strengths and weaknesses of the first project.

For my series project I hope to continue along with the concept of a cross to bear and how normal people doing good things in the world can effect that (urban angels if you will). With this idea I have begun taking a series of photos of myself and others around the the city of Detroit. I began looking into biblical things that occur in 3’s.

3 is the number of completion.

I came across Triptychs.

A triptych is:

  1. A picture or relief carving on three panels, typically hinged together vertically and used as an altarpiece.
  2. A set of three associated artistic, literary, or musical works intended to be appreciated together.

I thought this was the perfect way to continue my series in 3 form focusing more this time on a 2-D work through photography. I also wanted to possibly make a series of Triptychs (possibly in wood, possibly framed) to be used or placed on a mantle. Below I’ve included some images of triptychs.

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